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One of the best free link indexer that works and follows Google's guidelines in 2020. Our indexing tools are safe to use, unlike any other similar apps that actually carry out spam actions.

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Do you want to index your links, or want to label your website as a spam site?

If you want to index backlink website, then you are in the right place.

Link Indexer Pro will help you index your url links and send it to Google safely and securely for free. No need to use illegal and black hat methods. Here we use a method that is in accordance with the SEO and white hat method.

All you have to do now is bookmarked this site. Every time you finish posting or updating website content or backlink building for SEO purposes, visit and submit the website link for indexing. As simple as that!

Do you use a paid backlink indexing service now? Most of them use methods that don't work anymore, so don't waste your time and money.

Examples of non-functioning methods are ping to Google (pingler & pingomatic), this method died in 2018 when Google announced they would close the rpc blogsearch ping.

Our link indexing tool is free to use and you can submit backlinks in bulk, without any restrictions. Your url and page will be added to Google and will hopefully rank your main site in the google search engine.

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Here watch tips on how to add your links faster on Google.

What Is link Indexing?

Link indexing is the integration of a link to the Google database by googlebot crawler. If your links are not indexed, it is almost certain that your search rankings will never be as high as you want, no matter how good your content is made. Getting your backlinks indexed are now crucial to increasing the scores of any link building strategy.

Millions of new URLs and content show up on the Internet daily. All that content and links of the new information must be processed and analyzed correctly by the crawler in order to appear and display on the search results and be made available online to everyone. Such massive internal growth of new information on web pages is difficult to digest, not only to individuals, but also to search engines. Most often, they simply can not find any of these and immediately add all new links to databases.

Why Are My Links Not Indexed?

Follow these tips so that your links can be indexed quickly by Google. The most important thing is to make and optimize your content. Why? Since search engines care about how unique your content is-and they will rate you accordingly. Google optimizes on the basis of three key content aspects: quality, relevance and uniqueness.

A further popular method is the simple use of sitemaps. If you don't use sitemaps, it's one of the simplest, fastest ways to index your hyperlinks. Generate sitemaps and place them in your robots.txt file. This way, the indexing bot will know the list of links on your site.

When you submit new content or create backlinks, you want to make sure that you link to important pages. Significant pages may be your main home site, because it is the most visited page on your website.